General Safety


• Before operating ANY LIFT, read and understand your Owner’s Manual. If at any point you have questions or do not understand, call our customer service toll-free at 800-325-1116 (Monday-Friday). You can also contact us by e-mail at

• Do not operate the lift while your boat is occupied. All lifts should be used for lifting watercraft or non-living cargo only.

• You should never be directly under or near the lift at any time.

• Do not operate the lift without your lift being correctly grounded.

• Do not operate the lift without a ground fault interrupter.

• Do not operate your lift without inspecting your lifting cables for damage or improper spooling. (Most important part of your lift!)

• Do not lift any boat that exceeds the specifications and capacity of the lift.

• When loading your boat, ensure the weight is distributed equally to the drives, bottom beams, and top beams. Your watercraft’s center of gravity should be positioned directly between your cradle beams. Consult with your boat manufacturer to locate the center of gravity on your watercraft.

• Do not leave the lift unattended while the lift is in operation.

• Lift should not be operated by anyone under 18 years of age. The lift should only be operated by a competent person who has fully read and understands the operating instructions.

• Always turn the power off to lift when not in use.


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