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Customer privacy is very important to Tide Tamer® Waterfront Products. As part of our customer service policies, we regard any information about our customers as personal and important to them. This document spells out our policies about privacy and customer information in regards to our website and Internet services.

What information is collected

As part of our website management and records keeping, we retain certain information collected from our website. We retain information on which pages were accessed, date and time information, and computer identification information such as IP address and cookie information. We also keep any information entered into any form on our website as part of quality control, training and other internal uses. This information may include name, company name, addresses, and other contact information.

How we use the information we collect

Information that we collect from our customers, our website, and other sources, may be used by our company for solicitation purposes, quality purposes, training purposes, and other internal purposes.

We may contact customers and potential customers by mail or telephone or in person for solicitation purposes. We do not solicit business via email unless specifically requested by our customers. Email contact may be used, however, for providing important company updates such as moving to a new address or important information about a product that a customer has previously purchased such as warranty information. For soliciting customers and sales, email is not used unless specifically requested by the customer. We may also use fax as a contact method if provided.

Any contact information provided by our customers and potential customers will be regarded as official contact methods for a customer or a business unless we have been specifically instructed not to do so. This includes telephone numbers, fax numbers, mailing addresses, and other contact information provided to us by the customer.

We may share customer information that we have on file with direct affiliates of our company or with companies that we own or in which we have a partial interest. When information is shared in this way, these organizations may not re-distribute any of this information to any other party.

How we store the information that we collect

We store information collected from our website and email in server logs, backups, server email space, printed material and other databases. This information is either protected by passwords or restricted by physical access to our internal offices where our employees safeguard the information. We also have firewalls to protect our information systems.

How you will be notified about changes to this policy

Changes to this policy will be reflected on the website via a link from the Home Page. That is where the current version of this document may be found.

To be notified of changes to this policy, please send a certified letter requesting such changes to:

Tide Tamer® Waterfront Products
Computer and Information Security
900 Hwy 258 S
Snow Hill, NC 28580

Tide Tamer boat lifts are not designed for human transportation. Use of these products for human transportation can result in injury and/or death. Tide Tamer boat lifts are not designed for overhead use. Overhead use of these products can result in injury and/or death. No one under the age of 18 should operate or use these products. All persons using these products should read and understand the operations manual before using equipment manufactured by Tide Tamer. When operating Tide Tamer lifts the user should maintain full sight of the lift while standing at a safe distance in the case of a lift failure to avoid personal injury or death.


Tide Tamer® Waterfront Products is finishing its second decade. During the first 20 years, the company saw their product line expand from a unique swiveling single piling lift to a product line that includes virtually all types and sizes of boat lifts, gangways, docks, boat lift accessories, dock accessories, and a multitude of other products to enhance your waterfront living experience.


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