40,000 lbs 8-Piling Boat Lifts

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40,000 lbs 8-Piling Boat Lifts

8 Piling Boat Lift

Product 40,000 lbs 8-Piling Boat Lifts
Product Category 8 Piling Boat Lifts
Capacity 40,000 lb
Top Beams 8" American Standard
Cradle Beams 12" x 18' I-Beams (Dual Welded)
Bunk Boards
  • 16' Custom Aluminum Bunks
Cable 5/16" x 120' Stainless Steel
Drive and Motor
  • Hatteras Drive® with 1 H.P. SS Motor
  • Flat Plate Drive with 1 H.P. Painted Motor
Guide Poles 10'
Travel 12'
Rate of Lift 18" Per Min.
Tide Tamer has a large network of dock builders and boat lift installers in the United States.  Whether you need a new boat lift or to service an existing boat lift Tide Tamer's qualified contractors are ready to service your needs.
Call our main number and get direct access to our highly trained sales and service staff.  We provide assistance choosing the right boat lift or ordering a customized lift for a specific boat.  Our technical staff also helps troubleshoot problems and provide pointers for proper operation and maintenance.
The founder and owner of Tide Tamer, Buzz Shackelford, is the President and CEO, daily working in his office at the main headquarters in Snow Hill.  Tide Tamer is driven by the same values of hard work, persistence, and quality which he learned in his early life as a farmer.  The Tide Tamer work ethic embodies his dedication to do a job and do it right.

Tide Tamer boat lifts are not designed for human transportation. Use of these products for human transportation can result in injury and/or death. Tide Tamer boat lifts are not designed for overhead use. Overhead use of these products can result in injury and/or death. No one under the age of 18 should operate or use these products. All persons using these products should read and understand the operations manual before using equipment manufactured by Tide Tamer. When operating Tide Tamer lifts the user should maintain full sight of the lift while standing at a safe distance in the case of a lift failure to avoid personal injury or death.


Tide Tamer® Waterfront Products is finishing its second decade. During the first 20 years, the company saw their product line expand from a unique swiveling single piling lift to a product line that includes virtually all types and sizes of boat lifts, gangways, docks, boat lift accessories, dock accessories, and a multitude of other products to enhance your waterfront living experience.


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